Evolution Powersports shared Can-Am Off-Road's video.

Can-Am Off-Road
Another AMAZING production by our friends at S3 Racing highlighting their adventures at the Score-international baja 1000. We are do proud of these guys and honored to be apart of their team
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S3 Power Sports and Murray Racing team up to take on one of the toughest races in the world, the Score International BAJA 1000, with their Maverick MAX X ds TURBO in the latest episode of Visions of Victory. Be sure to catch all that went down South of the border!

Evolution Powersports with John Keil and Dustin Battle Axe Jones"http://facebook.com/10153719066664540">Kyle Fritz"http://facebook.com/10205748500816557">Kory Willis"http://facebook.com/10203906128413385">Jimmy Zuccone"http://facebook.com/1170465872982047">Clay Hockel"http://facebook.com/10153746164830929">Todd Zuccone"http://facebook.com/10153253805311158">Shane Dowden.

Our Distributor / Installation center in Louisiana, PPEI performed some dyno tests on their Can-Am Off-Road #Maverick 1000 #TURBO! with our Stage 6 turbo kit.
Below are the baselines of the Stock bike, Tuned, and then turbo installed. Running a safe 11.6AFR and 16lbs boost! 46hp gain with the turbo kit! When the kit runs 20 PSI of boost, the power is in the mid 150 range at the wheels.
The red pull is bone stock, Blue is Evolution's 12lbs reflash.
The green and yellow is the Evolution Holeshot Turbo kit, no other changes were made to the machine and we gained 46rwhp over stock and right at 30rwhp over a stock Maverick with 12lbs.
"We were very impressed with the install of the turbo kit and the final results" Thank you Shane Dowden and Kory Willis
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