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Received my ECU back from Evolution yesterday and got around to breakin' in the 820cc high compression engine and two words come to mind......God Damn! The engine started right.....which is a good sign.....and proceeded to 30 miles of various breakin' procedures and tests for proper primary clutch weights... All I can say is this thing pulls to the rev limiter of 8500rpm....after the adjustments on the clutch we're a little short as we're now clutching at 7900 which is a tad low of the sweet spot! With the kit you get: - Re-sleeved cylinders - Hi compression CP - Carrillo Pistons - Web cams - and the ever important re-flash Pulls more than a 1000 in single seater configuration....it hauls and keeps on pulling throughout the clutch movements..... Unfortunately no video or pictures, my bad....was so concentrated on getting the tune perfect that forgot the social side of things! If you want to impress yourself and your friends in all types of terrains get this upgrade, it's the single most impressive upgrade I've tried on all Side by Sides apart from the Turbo on the 1000.... #evolutionpowersports #proarmor #elkasuspension #cvtechaab #motovan #arcticcat #krypticsxs

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Evolution Powersports wins another 1st place in the Modified XPT class. Customer @Bryan Witherspoon hands it to our competition. His Stage 5 XPT stock turbo kit making about 150 WHP takes 1st place trophy! I guess all horses are not created equal and our thoroughbreds are consistent and win races. ... See MoreSee Less